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Art journaling & art book weekend for adults & teenagers 2nd – 3rd July 2022

Reconnect to your inner artist and learn how to use your art journal & flow moments to be more creative

Join me for this creative weekend workshop in July and learn how to experiment and create new ideas with the help of your personal art journal. We will be exploring different journal and art book formats in order to find the one that fits your purpose best. If you want to tell a specific story, find clarity about yourself, want to create a book on a specific theme or just want to learn how to use a sketchbook to create new ideas, this class is for you.

Through the experimentation with different work processes and prompts you will experience flow and learn how to facilitate this creative power also for yourself at home. Allow yourself a time out to be playful, messy and creative and discover your inner creator through new processes and playful inspirations in the company of like minded others.

The workshop takes place at my studio in Luxembourg/Belair on Saturday & Sunday 2nd  – 3rd July from 13.00 – 18.00 every day. The course fee for the 10h workshop and all materials is 432 Euro incl. VAT and payable on subscription.

In order to book the classes please send an e-mail to sonja(@) or use the contact form at the bottom of the booking page.

Please understand, that refunding of payments is not possible later then 2 weeks before the class starts and that partial refunding is also not possible.


02 - 03 Jul 2022




27, rue Jean Bertholet, L-1233 Luxembourg
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