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Sonja Soyer


A true artist is not one who is inspired, but one who inspires others.
– Salvador Dali.

My mission is to unleash your inner artist and to help you to develop your creativity and your individual way to express yourself. I encourage you to explore independent from assumed external requirements, supposed quality scales and your inner critic the beauty that art making can bring to your life.


Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life. – Pablo Picasso

My vision is a society of creative people who act transformational and co-creative as subjects in a diverse environment of equals instead of being transmissive and competitive as objects in a hierarchical society.


Imagination is the beginning of creation. You imagine what you desire, you will what you imagine, and at last, you create what you will. – George Bernard Shaw

My values are tolerance, respect and recognition, no matter who you are or where you come from! I am convinced that only the social circumstances we grow up in decide on what we can become and self-determination enables us to become what we want to be.

Some words about me

Life is not linear. –
Sir Ken Robinson

This quote is one of my favorite expressions, made famous by Sir Ken Robinson and is a good starting point in an “About me” section. Although I spend many years at University studying art, history, psychology & educational sciences it has taking me years to live my true passion of an artist’s life! Grateful for the years in business and with my family that have made me into the person that I am today – I now professionally focus on creating art and passing on the creative spark to others.

Born as Dutch citizen in Germany, living in Luxembourg since the late 90ies, first on my own, then with my family – I now call this city my home. (Therefore, fluent in English, German, French and Dutch.)  I’m a foodie, love traveling, film and music and am curious about the world around me!
Essentially, I have been communicating, teaching and training the whole way through but only through my son’s first steps in his creative development I have come back full circle and have started to teach art classes.

Being convinced that everyone can find the joy of their own expression, I love to teach beginners and advanced students alike!

I enjoy concepting classes and projects for children and adults that encourages them to open their eyes and to try out new styles and methods, looking off the beaten track for interesting subjects. May it be for schools, private classes or in business environments.

Studies & Professional Experience

2005 – today

History of Arts & History at the FU Berlin
Fine Arts, History, Educational sciences & Psychology at the University Paderborn
Different service providers to the EU Institutions, hands on experience in publications management, web site development and training
Clerical Medical – HBOS group, being responsible for the set up and strategic outset of their European websites
NPG Wealth Management, being responsible for the management and development of all group wide websites
Artistic Independence

Exhibitions (a selection)

2011 – 2013

“Space for art”, Paderborn
“Footnotes to the subject environment” – Ministry of Agriculture, Düsseldorf
Federal Ministry of Environment, Bonn
“Artists for Europe” – Schöneberger Rathaus Berlin
“Provence – Paintings & Drawings”, Kulturwerkstatt 
“Paintings & Drawings”, Riesel/Kreis Höxter
“Arts and Crafts at the Hellweg”, Geseke
“Works 2003 – 2004” Claudia Richter & Sonja Soyer, Böddeckerhof Geseke
“Konscht am Gronn”, Luxembourg
“The Mobile Museum” – Money – MUDAM, Luxembourg
“Animals”- Abbay Neumünster, Luxembourg
“The Art Group – Downtown” – Konschthaus beim Engel, Luxembourg
AMUSE LUX – Art inspires Music – Pianos Kelly, Niederanven
“Underlying structures” – European Court of Auditors, Luxembourg
Neujahrsausstellung – Maison de la Culture Diekirch, Luxembourg
„La touche féminine“ – TAG – Trifolion Echternach, Luxembourg
“Women’s worlds & images” – By Jérémy market & hair spa, Luxembourg

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