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Professional services

Professional services complement my art classes and my own artist work. These services comprise offers for corporates, individual trainings or master students as described below. Additionally I have extended experience with several art projects in schools, high schools or universities, special educational institutions or youth-in-art projects for cultural organisations.

Don’t hesitate to contact me for any of your ideas or requirements to develop new art work formats or educational concepts.

Trainings for professionals and teams

Creative thinking inspires ideas. Ideas inspire change.
– Barbara Januszkiewicz

Modern economy goes along with rapidly changing work places and skills requirements, carreer orientation and a steady and at times even unresting search for new challenges in the job. Flexibility, openeness to change and to new requirements are essential. Modern workforces are multi-disciplinary and co-creative, heterogeneous and divers, international and multi-cultural and – on top –  quickly changing.

Onboarding of new team members, re-orientation of existing teams and personal development have become daily requirements and tasks in our working world. Very often the change from hierarchical, object-oriented and transmissive leadership to self-organized, subject-oriented, transformal and co-creative working structures excellerate the need for measures enabling or improving the team spirit, commitment, inspiration and creativity along with work efficiency and effectiveness.

From my long year experience with adult art classes I have developed several training formats for corporates to fulfill these new requirements, which become more and more decision factors for top qualified people for one employer or another. Modern team building and personal development concepts become inevitable prerequisites to employer success on the job market.

My training formats are based on my own creativity development methods that I apply succesfully for many years being an professional art teacher (coach) and having their roots in modern art education and recent findings in neurosciences about perception, creativity and human potential development.

Get in touch with me and let us discuss, which art class format suits your corporate requirements!

Arts consultancy for corporates

If I could say it in words there would be no reason to paint.
– Edward Hopper

Many companies spend a lot of money to develop or modernize their corporate design and subsequently their corporate identity. But this is just one side, let’s name it the economic side, of the coin.

Indeed the way how art is used to shape work places, meeting rooms, receptions or event places says a lot more about the corporate attitude and values, than the layout of a logo or the color set used for papers or products. Art is an effective means to communicate the corporate mission, vision and values to clients, business partners and employees.

The steady support of art and cultural projects in the company’s local environment sustainably and positively effects it’s branding and social cognition, even more if it is based on the integration of the employees and partners, rather then on monetary aids.

I started my professional career after my studies of Arts & History and Educational sciences & Psychology (FU-Berlin & University Paderborn) working for different service providers to the European Institutions and global acting corporates which allowed me a clear – hands-on – insight into corporate design and branding approaches.

With this corporate background, my long year experience with adults (employees) attending my art classes and many art projects with social and educational organizations I refer to a versatile tool set in arts to offer you effective arts consultancy for corporates.

Get in touch with me to discuss, which internal activities, as well as external projects and engagement formats might suit or complement your corporate communication strategy!

Master students and individual trainings

The art of teaching is the art of assisting discovery.
– Mark Van Doren

Maybe, you feel more comfortable with individual trainings instead of group classes. Maybe you are at a point in your artist development, where concentration, intensity of work and developing a personal workflow gain importance and require professional assistance.

In any case personal assistance allows individual coaching and mentoring on a high level timely effort. It allows both deep diving single methods and approaches or assaying diverse, versatile and multiple concepts. Developing personal work flows from repetition, modification and parallel working become possible.

Depending on your personal goals as an ambitious, enthusiastic and engaged artist individual coaching and mentoring concepts are required to suit these goals.

In the past years students from my group classes asked me for individual trainings. Parents of talented children, ambitious teenagers or adults found me on the internet or by recommendation, all searching for individual support to unleash or develop their talents and creativity – to find their personal way to new life stages.

Depending on your individual motivation and intentions we decide on art courses, individual both in content as in extend. Regular once a week, for a certain time period or in the term of a school year, individual trainings can be agreed. We can agree on working in my atelier, parallel homeworks between our meetings and online-assistance if wanted.

Get in touch with me to discuss your individual requirements & needs and to find dates. Please consider that I offer regular classes and have many other activities, which all fill my calendar. So please contact me as early as possible, if you are interested!

Portfolio students and internships

Be so good they can’t ignore you.
– Steve Martin

“Great fun wont earn you a living” is a common saying of worried parents when it comes to the question which profession their children will take. The wish to become an artist or work in the creative field sometimes makes them panic since it is perceived as to be not “serious, safe or future-proof”.

Despite these comprehensible worries, everyone should listen to their inner voice and decide for a profession, which will satisfy their interests, enthusiasm and talents – at best – for a whole life. Living an artist’s life is intensely satisfying and the spirit of creativity will help you to develop your very personal path in a world in which “being creative” is on high demand by employers.

Internships may help to take the decisions on “if at all” or “in which particular way”. Sometimes internships are an early preparation for a later start into academic studies at an university or lead over to the preparation of a portfolio, often required to apply for a creative university space.

I am feeling passionate to convey my experiences as an independent artist to young people on the corner to become professional artists too.

This is why I offer selected internships for interested high school students and individual programs for portfolio students. While internships should last at least 4 weeks, portfolio students require at least 6 month to complete the workbook for their studies application.

If you are interested, please send me your application with some examples of your work and some words about you, your interests and personal goals. Then we will arrange a personal meeting to discuss the opportunities. Please consider, that my capacities are very limited to a few internships and portfolio students per year. So please contact me as early as possible, if you intend to apply.

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