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My art

I am constantly searching for new means of expression that also include conceptional works. Yet I am feeling most passionate when I can work with acrylics and drawing materials on paper and cardboard using color and composition to express my perception of the world. As in my workshops I like to open eyes to themes or objects that the viewer seems to know but probably has never seen like this before.

Please find a growing selection on the right and don’t hesitate to ask me, if you fall in love with one of them.

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Exhibition - "Women's worlds & images"

I am happy to show a selection of my works reflecting on the inner and outer worlds of women, on their self-image and their reflection by society at By Jérémy market & hair spa. Jérémy and his team create such a cosy space, in many ways a typical place of a women’s world, that I thought it would be the perfect location for this exhibition. The works on show are monoprints that I started to develop during the pandemic and that I have been working with ever since. The technique resembles collage as the prints are assembled with different layers of found materials and photos, which get printed with acrylic paint from a gel plate. Each print is a unique work that only ever exists once.

The exhibition will be on until the end of year and if you would like to meet for a coffee on a Friday/Saturday, to talk about the art pieces in more detail, or for any sales requests please feel free to contact me.

I look forward to seeing you soon!

Warm regards, Sonja

Location: By Jérémy market & hair spa, 4 Av. de la Liberté, 1930 Luxembourg.
Date: 27th October 2022 – end of the year.



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