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Finding your flow – with printing, stamping & collage

Join me in a new "Finding your Flow" workshop that is fun & inspirational at the same time

In this freeing class we will be using simple printing, stencilling and stamping techniques on a variation of papers that provide us with colourful elements for our creative discoveries. With the papers we will create collages that will be enhanced with further painted & drawn elements, photos and texts in order to find and express your individual theme.
The freeing use of different techniques and layering processes are great for beginners and advanced students alike and will inspire you to find new themes and ways of self expression.

The classes take place on Wednesday nights or Thursday mornings at my studio and start on the 7th/8th September. The following dates are 14th/15th September, 21st/22nd September, 12th/13th October and 19th/20th of October. The course fee for the 10h workshop and all materials is 440 Euro incl. VAT and payable on subscription.

In order to book the class please send an e-mail to sonja(@) or use the contact form at the bottom of the booking page.

Please understand, that refunding of payments is not possible later then 2 weeks before the class starts and that partial refunding is also not possible.


07 Sep 2022 - 20 Oct 2022




27, rue Jean Bertholet, L-1233 Luxembourg
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