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A new date to create a healing Mandala on Saturday 4th March 2023 with Burcu Uzun

Discover the Mandala as mirror of your soul

Mandala is a technique that we all can learn and that will help us to heal ourselves. Beyond that Mandala, is a talisman with magnetic power. For thousands of years, all over the world it has been used for, self-development, self-expression, healing, and spiritual transformation.

The mandala is widely recognized as a meaningful reflection of its creator. Mandala art therapy & healing can be a great source of reflection on one’s soul.

MANDALA: Spiritual Journey

Mandala is:

  • Staying in the centre and in the moment
  • A way of meditation and mantra
  • Expressing and healing of emotions
  • It is a journey of self-discovery.

In fact, we can see mandalas everywhere when we look around.  In the Anatolian motifs on our carpets and kilims are good examples. Embroideries (Patterns) in holy places, stained glass in church windows are also great examples of mandalas. Which is why they are preferred as motives of decoration in holy, spiritual places, for it delivers the sensation of peace and comfort.

What are the benefits of Mandala:

  1. It enables us to discover ourselves, our creativity.
  2. It is medicine for our souls.
  3. It balances our intuition and logic, as it gives balance to our brain’s right and left hemispheres.
  4. It helps increase our concentration.
  5. It teaches us patience.
  6. It helps expressing what one could not say with words…


We draw with intent and by wishing for our life and karmic bonds.  As we draw, deep down our choices regarding our feelings, thoughts and life paths emerge. Again, we start by placing a BINDU in the centre. The jib spacing must be kept stable.  After drawing our first ring, we place the compass on the top of the first ring and then the 2nd ring is drawn so that it passes through the BINDU.  By placing the compass at the intersections, 19 rings are drawn. The 20th ring and the outermost 21st ring are drawn around the formed flower.  The priority is not to catch the form. This is to reveal our deepest feelings.

In order to book the class please send an e-mail to sonja(@) or use the contact form at the bottom of the booking page.

Please understand, that refunding of payments is not possible later then 2 weeks before the class starts and that partial refunding is also not possible.


04 Mar 2023


14:00 - 17:00




27, rue Jean Bertholet, L-1233 Luxembourg
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