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“Revive & Create – Reawaken your inner artist”

Join me for an extraordinary artistic journey at the upcoming workshop "Revive & Create – Reawaken your inner artist”

Are you longing to reconnect with your creative core? Yearning to rediscover the joy and fulfilment that art once brought into your life? Look no further! This transformative workshop is designed to reignite your passion for art and guide you on a remarkable journey of self-expression.
In this immersive workshop over four weeks, I will reintroduce you to the basic art skills that may have been forgotten, helping you rebuild a solid foundation. Whether you are a complete novice or someone who used to dabble in art, this experience is tailored to reignite your artistic flame and nurture your creative spirit.

Rediscover the Joy of Creation, as I guide you through various techniques and exercises that gradually will let you rediscover the sheer joy of creating art. From exploring different mediums and experimenting with vibrant colours to unlocking your unique artistic style, I will provide you with the tools and inspiration needed to express yourself authentically. “Revive & Create” is not just about skill-building; it’s about embracing the journey of self-discovery. Through guided exercises and thought-provoking discussions, you will tap into your imagination, break free from creative blocks, and gain a fresh perspective on your artistic potential. Step by step, you will reconnect with your artistic intuition and find the freedom to create fearlessly.

Immerse yourself in a warm and supportive artistic group, where like-minded individuals come together to encourage and inspire one another. Share your artistic journey, exchange insights, and celebrate the power of creativity in a nurturing environment that fosters growth and camaraderie.

The workshop takes place at my studio in Luxembourg/Belair either on Monday nights from 19 – 21h or on Tuesday mornings from 10 – 12h, starting 18th/19th September with the following dates on the 9th/10th October, 16th/17th October and 23rd/24th October . The course fee for the workshop is 360€ and includes all basic materials and VAT. In order to book the classes please send an e-mail to sonja(@) or use the contact form at the bottom of the booking page.

Don’t let your creativity lie dormant any longer! Join me to “Revive & Create – Reawaken your inner artist” and embark on a transformative artistic adventure. Unlock your creative potential, reconnect with your passion for art, and let your imagination soar! Reserve your spot today and let the artistic revival begin!

Please understand, that refunding of payments is not possible later then 2 weeks before the class starts and that partial refunding is also not possible.


18 Sep 2023 - 24 Oct 2023




27, rue Jean Bertholet, L-1233 Luxembourg
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